Our Story

Nana's Good Puddin' was founded by Samantha "Nana" Prescott, on the persistent suggestion of her children. Samantha's son Karim, especially, always raved that because her banana puddin' was SO GOOD, it could be sold! Karim would often share with friends & coworkers, who then asked where it could be purchased. He then insisted that I start putting it out for the masses to enjoy what he had enjoyed since he was a child.
So on a whim, Nana told Karim she would put out 100 samples & if at least half received a good review, she'd consider it. Well... Needless to say... Of 100 samples given away at Tha Afty grocery in Atlantic City, NJ, not one person was displeased. To be certain, I encouraged each sample receiver to "try it" at the moment, so that I could get honest responses & opinions in real time by witnessing initial taste reactions & by asking if they were being truthful. The most common response was "I wouldn't lie to you". As a result, not only did we officially open shop for business but our tagline "It's THAT good... No lie!" was born & Tha Afty became the only local authorized reseller of Nana's Good Puddin' by requesting to be fully stocked with a variety of our flavors, at the close of business that day! And well... Here we are!
Nana's is a family owned & operated company that creates small batch, hand crafted puddin' (that's right no "G") & puddin' topped funnel cakes & funnel fries.